What Happened At ESSENCE Fest?!

What better way to celebrate fourth of July than in the vibrant streets of New Orleans! ESSENCE weekend brought out over 400,000 people and was absolutely magical! With the plethora of food trucks, events on every corner, panel discussions from your favorite celebs, and an array of black owned businesses in every sector you could imagine, there was never a dull moment. Although we had a lot of fun we came there on a mission! Tracy Nicole partnered with The Hue Society and The Curvy Girl Collection to bring forth some amazing unforgettable events! On day one, Tracy Nicole was featured as one of the vendors for The Hue Society’s Black Wine Experience. We celebrated black owned wine brands and gave New Orleans a taste of The Tracy Nicole Collection. An amazing venue with incredible food combined with shopping made for an unforgettable experience. Needless to say, the event was a total success!                                                       

On day two, we were featured as one of the designers for The Curvy Girl Fashion Show. Hosted by Trina Braxton, the show highlighted women of different colors, shapes and sizes and celebrated the importance of self love. The best part of all was sharing this experience with some of my amazing friends, Tara of AFFIRM and Jennett of Weathered Not Worn. I guess you can say what intended to be a business trip turned into a much needed girl’s trip (no pun intended)! There is nothing more powerful than women supporting each other, handling business and having fun doing so. Overall, ESSENCE Festival 2019 was definitely one for the books! Join us on our Instagram for an ESSENCE festival video recap. Follow @tracynicoleclothing, @simplebytracy and @tracynicoleatl for exclusive updates, sale offers, and more!                                                                                                             

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