While we took a hiatus from having our regular Simple Sundays, they’re back. And honey, they’re better than ever!

For our relaunch, we decided to bring in celebrity make-up artist Christelsie Johnson to show our guests how to take a beautiful, soft, and natural makeup look to a fierce look perfect for going out on the town. We paired this with a demonstration on how to effortlessly take one of our favorite outfits from the line from day to night with a SIMPLE change of shoes: the Melia top and Jessica drawstring pants.

We know how hard it is as women in business and moms who wear multiple hats to even get a chance in our schedules to get out with our girlfriends or a date night with the hubby. Making sure we look good when we do have those opportunities is vital, even if it takes a little intentionality. We wanted to give women like you the ins and outs on how to take a great look from day to night with the least amount of effort, but still look like you took hours to make it happen.

Keep on reading to see how we did it!!

We took two SIMPLE items from our wardrobe and two pair of shoes to complete both looks seen in these photos: the Melia top, the Jessica drawstring pants, a pair of comfy wedge sneakers, and a pair of sexy thigh high boots (wowzer!), all in the classic color black…the power color!

For the day time look, we played it casual and chic of course, with the Melia as a top falling ever so effortlessly off of one shoulder, paired with the Jessica drawstring pants and the classic black wedge lace ups.

In 60 seconds flat, Tracy changed out of the sneakers, pulled the Melia top down to wear as a dress and off both shoulders. She slid on the thigh high boots every woman should have in her closet (it’s a must!). And just like that, we had a look that would cause people to stop, stare, and ask “where’d you get that outfit?!” (the Jessica drawstring pants can stay on or taken off depending on how comfortable you are and how long the Melia top falls as a dress on you.) Available in black, white, grey and taupe!

Selfie time! Tracy and Christelsie pose for a photo following the completion of the final look.

And now for the makeup:

With our CEO Tracy as the model, Christelsie began by moisturizing the skin, prepping the face with before foundation, and moving into a light, breathable foundation, a little blush, and gave the face some warmth with the perfect bronzer for Tracy’s skin tone.

Christelsie was amazing in explaining just how she created and transformed the look to all our guests, and I hope I can do her justice in any way with my somewhat loose rendition of her instruction… Wish me luck!

To take the look from day to night, all Christelsie needed to do was add a smoky shadow, a little lash action, and a bold red lip, and Tracy was totally ready to step out on the town! Super SIMPLE… we love it when it’s #simple!

At the end of the day ladies, you can absolutely get this look too! With a little thought, preparation, and any of the pieces from the SIMPLE by Tracy line, you can effortlessly take a look from day to night. And if you need any help, we’re just an email or phone call (or a drive for you local Atlantans) away.

Try these looks at home, or put your own spin on taking a look from office to evening, and make sure you tag us on instagram and facebook @simplebytracy and @tracynicoleclothing ! Good luck, happy innovating, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!!

Written by Lindsey Winbush on February 12, 2020