Quarantine Blues?

Spice Up Your Video Conference Looks With Tracy Nicole!

We know how crazy life has been with all the transitions and adjustments that had to be made as a result of the COVID-19 strand making itself very known on US soil. For the majority of America, this means our homes are our new offices.

So, how do you separate home from work, especially now that they’ve kind of merged into one? Tracy Nicole has got some tips for you to stay on top of your working game, and how to look good while doing it too!

1. Get dressed girl!

Lindsey Top and Monica Cardigan in Grey
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  • Do your hair, do your make up, and slip into your favorite Tracy Nicole Clothing or Simple by Tracy outfit!
  • Taking the time to do these very regular things will get you ready for the day and prepared to converse and talk business with other people, whether on the phone, via email, or through web conferences.

Elle Wrap Top in White/Red
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  • To help, we’ve picked out our favorite business ready outfits from Tracy Nicole Clothing, and have shown you how they might look when worn on camera for a video call.
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  • I think we can all agree, when we look good, and we know we look good, we feel that much better. And that’s what we say would be the perfect cure to some quarantine blues!!

2. Develop Clear Boundaries

Kristian Top in Teal
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  • As easy as it might be to wake up and grab your laptop to do work (in bed), you definitely want to move to a space where you can stay motivated and productive (which can be difficult but necessary.)

Michelle Dress in Wine
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  • Create a setup in a quiet place for yourself. Whether this is at the dining room table, in the kitchen, or even in your living room! Just make sure its a space where you can sit up (with your feet on the floor), and it’s free of most distractions.

Lindsey Top and Monica Cardigan in Taupe
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  • Will your schedule be the same? Is it different because the kiddies are now with you 24/7? Either way, create a schedule with meals and breaks included for yourself and the kids, and try your best to stick to it! We get it, life happens, and sometimes days won’t go as planned, but we have found this is the best way to be productive, even when you’re working from home.

3. Come up with a set of habits that help you get into work mode.

Crystal Top in Creamy White
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  • If you can avoid changing what your schedule looked like before this quarantine mess, do it! Wake up, and follow your same routine that will hopefully get you into work mode.
  • Missing your morning commute? Take a walk outside during that time frame as well. This way, you get a little exercise, some fresh air, and the buffer between home and work you would usually have to think, prep for the day, and whatever else! (The virus isn’t airborne, so walking outside is A-OK! Just make sure you’re still practicing social distancing, and only contacting members who are in your household and are used to your germs).

Lindsey Top and Monica Cardigan in Black
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Again, we know change, especially unfamiliar change can sometimes be daunting, but with some effort, we know you can come out of this, and any situation on top and look good while you’re doing it! We hope this blog has helped, and we’re excited to see your #TNWorkFromHome outfits! Tag us in them on Facebook and Instagram, and you just might get reposted and receive a gift card!

Until then, you’d better OWN that quarantine life like the boss lady we know you are. ?

Written by Lindsey Winbush on March 24, 2020