Is Tracy Nicole Made for Curves?!!

Women come in all shapes and sizes! Sometimes it may seem like the fashion industry has forgotten that! I wanted to have an event that showcased women of all shapes and sizes wearing Tracy Nicole! We gathered in the art gallery where the models were the art. Attendees sipped the ‘curvy cocktail’ while admiring the exhibit before gathering in the showroom to shop. With 109 rsvps the vision came to life and “Made for Curves” was born! It was hosted by none other than Atlanta Influencer, Nikki Free! The models were amazing, make-up artists came through, 107.9 fm even came out with giveaways! The Tracy Nicole Foundation also took the opportunity to collect prom dresses for Prom Project 10! Amazing is an understatement! Thank you to all that made it a success!

Made for Curves models exhibit

When I met up with Nikki Free and got her in my clothing she fell in love. She had to admit she did not know how curvy girl friendly Tracy Nicole was and surprised to find she could wear many different styles from both collections and looked fabulous in it! So on March 8th we brought together a room full of new faces introducing them to the brand — Tracy Nicole.

From the time I started designing I always thought about every body type, the changes a woman body goes through naturally and the want to look good and feel good. I had every woman in mind. The challenge came when people would see me and say, “I love your clothes! I wish I could wear them!” Or “When are you going to make something for big girls?”. The questions seemed to follow me no matter what I did. I’m truly grateful for the Made for Curves Event and all the wonderful women who came out to support and shop the lines. My clothing comes in sizes XS-XXXL and can be found on and

Written by Tracy Nicole

Stay tuned for ‘Made for Curves’ part 2!!
Pictures by JoJo Stylez