Tracy Nicole writes for real. Real women, that is; the kind that have doubts, love hard, makes mistakes and fall forward. Her words are for and about young women who wonder what love is really supposed to be like; how a man should treat them and how to make life better. 

Tracy’s freshman novel, Who Said Peaches Were Perfect? is a real-world/real-girl drama of moving forward even when family, men, friends and life try to trip you up. She is a hot new voice on the writing scene, spicing up her work with a bit of Atlanta flavor. 

“Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?” is a novel based upon the lives of two young women; Torie, a sexy, confident, and independent massage therapist, and Lisa, a college student unaware of her beauty and all she has to offer. Both women are entangled in a struggle to figure out what life and love are truly about. Emotions suppressed from their childhoods, formative habits that have left asking emotional scars, and heavy baggage make it difficult for both women to know when to let go, and when to hold on to relationships. As you travel along their journey in the tantalizing read, you share the moments when each woman must find untapped strength from within, in order to move forward and put the past in its place.

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