Perfect Peach Journey Workshop

The Perfect Peach Journey Workshops

Perfect Peach Journey

Do you have or know a teenage girl?

Can she benefit from learning more about herself, how to keep her standards high and how to make informed decisions?

We are living in a time where young girls are defining themselves by what they see on television or hear on the radio and talking more about each other than supporting and lifting one another up. They lack exposure to good role models and self-esteem is suffering while self-worth is getting lost.

Tracy Nicole, Author of ‘Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?’, has developed the workbook based on the themes from the novel.  Much like the characters in the story, many teens often display happy behavior, while hiding the suffering that they may be experiencing on the inside.  Often not having anyone to talk to, this situation can lead to poor choices that can have a lifelong effect on them.  This workbook can be beneficial with or without the actual novel: ‘Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?’

The workshops will provide young girls an opportunity not only to learn about building healthy, positive relationships with other girls, it will also foster them in exploring and learning about themselves. They will learn about Self-Love, Perception, Domestic Violence, Self-Worth, Values, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation.  Each workshop will include a lesson in each theme, reading and acting out dialogue, learning self-expression by writing in a journal, interaction through activities, and special guests of positive female role models to inspire them with their stories. The girls will be taken on a “Perfect Peach Journey”.  They will learn that becoming a perfect peach is learning to accept everything about yourself, learning to forgive yourself for any mistakes or bad choices that have been made, learning to forgive others and reconcile bad situations, and learning to have high standards while teaching others how to treat you and how to treat others.

I truly believe that young women can make better choices in life when they have been equipped with the tools to make informed decisions. –Tracy Nicole

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