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Sure, we’ve all probably put a little thought into what our big day might look like—even in a casual, I-definitely-want-a-band-instead-of-a-DJ kind of way. But for brides that haven’t pined over a specific dress style or dream venue for years—or those that don’t have six different Pinterest boards dedicated to wedding dress ideas (no shame!)—finding inspiration from scratch can be a pain. It’s important to come equipped with an idea of what you want—especially if you’ve got a bevy of opinionated bridesmaids in tow.MORE: The Wedding Advice Checklist Every Bride—and Guest—Should ReadWe totally encourage walking down the aisle (or into the courthouse) wearing whatever you feel bomb in, but know that no matter what style of nuptials you’re planning on hermes replicas birkin 49thscoutgroup , the dress sets the vibe: A cake-topper gown has its place, but a tower of taffeta might look a little ridiculous at an outdoor wedding. Meanwhile, a short, fun dress can look out of place at a traditionally formal ceremony.No matter your vibe, this season, we saw daring, translucent lace gowns, majorly chic mock-turtleneck styles, and plenty of non-white options that prove there’s no shortage of options for every bride. Whether you’ve dreamed of a true-white chiffon number or you’re opting out of a traditional dress all together, click through to see our favorite wedding dress ideas for 2016 straight from the runway.MORE: 30 Romantic Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Every Bride  0Thoughts?1 of 113Galia LahavPhoto: ImaxTreeJenny PackhamPhoto: ImaxTreeInes Di Santo CouturePhoto: ImaxTreePronoviasPhoto: ImaxTreeAlan HannahPhoto: ImaxTreeKleinfeldPhoto: ImaxTreeMarco & MariaPhoto: ImaxTreeAlan HannahPhoto: ImaxTreeBertaPhoto: ImaxTreeMarchesaPhoto: ImaxTreeDelphine ManivetPhoto: ImaxTreePronoviasPhoto: ImaxTreeBertaPhoto: ImaxTreeHoughton BridePhoto: ImaxTreeNaeem KhanPhoto: ImaxTreeAlan HannahPhoto: ImaxTreeIvory & Co.Photo: ImaxTreeAlan HannahPhoto: ImaxTreeBertaPhoto: ImaxTreeJustin AlexanderPhoto: ImaxTreeJenny PackhamPhoto: ImaxTreeAlan HannahPhoto: ImaxTreeTheiaPhoto: ImaxTreeNaeem KhanPhoto: ImaxTreeAlessandra Rinaudo MontenapoleonePhoto: ImaxTreeSavin LondonPhoto: ImaxTreeAlessandra Rinaudo MontenapoleonePhoto: ImaxTreeLela RosePhoto: ImaxTreeAlessandra Rinaudo MontenapoleonePhoto: ImaxTreeAlessandra Rinaudo MontenapoleonePhoto: ImaxTreePronoviasPhoto: ImaxTreeDonna SaladoPhoto: ImaxTreeMarco & MariaPhoto: ImaxTreeAlessandra Rinaudo MontenapoleonePhoto: ImaxTreeAlvina ValentaPhoto: ImaxTreeAngel SanchezPhoto: ImaxTreeMarylise & RemboPhoto: ImaxTreeAnne BargePhoto: ImaxTreeAnne BargePhoto: ImaxTreeBertaPhoto: ImaxTreeKatya Katya ShehurinaPhoto: ImaxTreeNaeem KhanPhoto: ImaxTreeAngel SanchezPhoto: ImaxTreeAnne BargePhoto: ImaxTreeRashaPhoto: ImaxTreeCharlotte BalbierPhoto: ImaxTreeCristina TamboreroPhoto: ImaxTreeCymbelinePhoto: ImaxTreeRosa ClaraPhoto: ImaxTreeSassi HolfordPhoto: ImaxTreeDavid FieldenPhoto: ImaxTreeDavid FieldenPhoto: ImaxTreeDavid’s BridalPhoto: ImaxTreeNicolePhoto: ImaxTreeDelphine ManivetPhoto: ImaxTreeFrancesca MirandaPhoto: ImaxTreeGalia LahavPhoto: ImaxTreeAlessandra Rinaudo MontenapoleonePhoto: ImaxTreeSassi HolfordPhoto: ImaxTreeGalia LahavPhoto: ImaxTreeHayley PaigePhoto: ImaxTreeHoughton BridePhoto: ImaxTreeGalia LahavPhoto: ImaxTreeInes Di Santo CouturePhoto: ImaxTreeInmaculada GarciaPhoto: ImaxTreeMarylise & RemboPhoto: ImaxTreeInes Di Santo CouturePhoto: ImaxTreeCymbelinePhoto: ImaxTreeMonique LhuillierPhoto: ImaxTreeInes Di Santo CouturePhoto: ImaxTreeInes Di Santo CouturePhoto: ImaxTreeYolan CrisPhoto: ImaxTreeInternational PreviewPhoto: ImaxTreeJenny PackhamPhoto: ImaxTreeInes Di Santo CouturePhoto: ImaxTreeJesus PeiroPhoto: ImaxTreeIsabelle ArmstrongPhoto: ImaxTreeJustin AlexanderPhoto: ImaxTreeJustin AlexanderPhoto: ImaxTreeNaeem KhanPhoto: ImaxTreeKleinfeldPhoto: ImaxTreeJustin AlexanderPhoto: ImaxTreeLamia AbinaderPhoto: ImaxTreeLazaroPhoto: ImaxTreeLela RosePhoto: ImaxTreeMarchesaPhoto: ImaxTreeLusan MandongusPhoto: ImaxTreeMatilde CanoPhoto: ImaxTreeMarchesaPhoto: ImaxTreeMarylise & RemboPhoto: ImaxTreeMira ZwillingerPhoto: ImaxTreeNaeem KhanPhoto: ImaxTreeMarco & MariaPhoto: ImaxTreeMonique LhuillierPhoto: ImaxTreeNicolePhoto: ImaxTreePeter LangnerPhoto: ImaxTreePronoviasPhoto: ImaxTreeDavid FieldenPhoto: ImaxTreeReem AcraPhoto: ImaxTreeReem AcraPhoto: ImaxTreeRiviniPhoto: ImaxTreeMarco & MariaPhoto: ImaxTreeNaeem KhanPhoto: ImaxTreeNicolePhoto: ImaxTreeRiviniPhoto: ImaxTreeRosa ClaraPhoto: ImaxTreeAnnasul YPhoto: ImaxTreeRosa ClaraPhoto: ImaxTreeSassi HolfordPhoto: ImaxTreeAnnasul YPhoto: ImaxTreeToi SposePhoto: ImaxTreeToi SposePhoto: ImaxTreeYolan CrisPhoto: ImaxTreeNext slideshow starts in 10sThe 13 Best Drugstore BeautyProducts, According to the Internet


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113 Wedding Dress Ideas to Steal from Bridal Fashion Week

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