Also, she said traffic will move quicker because buses won’t

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Thanks for a fabulous article, Robin! I agree with you wholeheartedly on most of the points you bring up, but I differ from you in that, even if I really liked a celebrity scent, I do think that my opinion of it would be brought down somewhat by the very fact that it is a celebrity scent. I mentioned before, in response to a post by Angela, that I want to be a fragrance just care about the juice inside, no regard to the brand, the bottle, the ad copy, etc., but I just can Even if, for example, Paris Hilton Heiress smelled lovely, I don know if I could enjoy wearing it to the same extent that I could wearing something created by a venerable old perfume house, because yes, I do want the whole package I want the elegant bottle, the story behind it, the knowledge that it was created with some degree of care and personal interest in the fragrance. I want the complete experience silly as that may sound.

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