It proceeded to the hotel lobby

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Barbara Scassero of North Wales; sons, Martin E. Jr. Of Walnutport and Richard J. It proceeded to the hotel lobby, where according to a New York Times story, Whitson kicked Martin in the groin, and then moved outside the hotel, when Whitson broke away from people restraining him, rushed at Martin and knocked him down, winding up on top of him.After order was restored, Martin got into an elevator, which stopped at the third floor, where Whitson was waiting.As onlookers kept them apart, they both called each other “gutless.”Whitson never pitched the rest of that season and Martin was fired at season’s end.Billy Martin Reggie JacksonThe Yankees Reggie Jackson answers reporters questions in front of his locker stall at Yankee Stadium after a game with the Kansas City Royals in 1978. (Photo: AP)Martin and Jackson never got along and their differences were in a full view during a nationally televised game at Fenway Park in June 1977.In a game that the Yankees eventually lost, 10 4, Martin was furious when Jim Rice blooped a sixth inning hit in front of Jackson, who was playing a deep right field and was positioned in right center field because Rice was a right handed pull hitter.Martin felt Rice got a double, instead of a single, because Jackson didn’t hustle to field the ball.As he left the third base dugout to remove pitcher Mike Torrez, Martin instructed reserve outfielder Paul Blair to grab his glove and replace Jackson.By the time Jackson reached the dugout, he was as angry as his manager and confronted him. The two probably would have come to blows if not for the intervention of coaches Elston Howard and Yogi Berra.

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