Atlanta Author Launches Blog To Offer Hope

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Tracy Nicole

Beneath The Petals

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Atlanta Author Launches Breast Cancer Survivor Blog


Tracy Nicole Shares Her Story to Offer Hope & Raise Awareness


Atlanta, Georgia—April 2, 2013 – Atlanta author and entrepreneur, Tracy Nicole, has fought breast cancer and won. Today, she is stepping out on faith and bravely releasing a personal, reflective blog about her experience, Beneath the Petals. Diagnosed in mid-December of 2012, the thirty-something mother of two has since undergone a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, taken time to recover and is now willing to share her journey in anticipation of turning her experience into a positive.


A vehicle to help Tracy in the healing process mentally and spiritually, Beneath the Petals will also be touching on the topics of the importance of early detection for breast cancer and the need for women in their 20s and 30s to understand that they, too, can fall prey to breast cancer as Tracy did at a young age.


It is Tracy’s hope that her weekly blog will encourage younger women to speak to their doctors about the danger of breast cancer and get mammograms earlier in life.  In addition, some women get scared when faced with the possibility of being sick and never go back to the doctor to follow up on their diagnosis. By sharing her personal journey, Tracy aspires to alleviate some common anxieties and shed light on the process she went though. “If Beneath the Petals can serve as a source of courage or hope for another woman, then my experience will have all been worth it,” states Tracy.


Beneath the Petals will recount numerous subjects and occurrences throughout Tracy’s journey including difficulties she faced, emotions she felt and blessings she found during her battle such as the integral and truly appreciated dedicated network of friends who helped her through her process of recovery. The blog will be serious at times, reflective at others, humorous at some–but most of all, it will be entirely honest and real. In addition, Tracy understands that breast cancer affects the whole family as her mother is a two-time survivor of the disease. Her weekly blog will also cover topics such as how she informed her daughters, Kennedy and Kristian, of her diagnosis and how the children dealt with the process.


Tracy is also creating Beneath the Petals to be used as a platform for other women to share their stories of survival. She is optimistic that the blog will serve as a vehicle of healing, inspiration, encouragement and sisterhood. Tracy would like to welcome other survivors to send their stories to the blog to be shared.




Mother, author, entrepreneur, activist, clothing designer, breast cancer survivor.  A Florida A&M alumna, Tracy Nicole is the founder of Perfect Peach, Inc., a non-profit focused on helping young girls build self-esteem and self-worth through keeping their standards high and making informed decisions. As an entrepreneur, Tracy has been highlighted in various local and national publications including Essence, Lucky Magazine, Paper City, Jezebel and Atlanta Style. She enjoys taking the time to serve various philanthropic causes including Our House for homeless women and Seeds of Love Foster Center. This blog is an outlet to help her in the healing process and to offer hope and encouragement for other women while raising awareness of the importance of and need for early detection. Tracy currently resides in Atlanta with her daughters Kennedy and Kristian.



Beneath the Petals can be viewed at



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