Tracy Nicole hosts book signing at Millennium 2000 Art Gallery

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By LaShante Williams – Contributor

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Tracy Nicole author of “Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?” will visit Dallas’ Millennium 2000 Art Gallery Friday, May 21, 2010 from 5pm- 9pm for her official Dallas book signing.  The event will be hosted by: Dianna ‘Writerchic’ Davis; Jokae’s African American Books and A Fresh Approach Health & Wellness Consulting Services (LaShante Williams Nutritional Coach)..

Tracy Nicole Prather is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. The true Southern girl attended Florida A&M University where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy. Tracy Nicole is the voice for the “real woman,” one who faces questions and doubts in the complex areas of love and men. The woman who makes mistakes yet falls forward rather than stumbling backwards.

Her words are for and about young women who wonder what real love looks and feels like; how a man should treat them, how they should treat themselves, and how to make life better.

Tracy spent a few moments speaking about her new book:

Lashante Williamns: What inspired you to write “Who said Peaches Were Perfect”?
Tracy Nicole: I have been mentoring young girls for years and after having two girls of my own I wanted to write a story that could have an impact on their lives.  I thought about the mistakes I made growing up and some of the lessons I learned over the years that were so important.  Our teens are exposed to so much more now than years before.  I want them to be able to talk about their issues in order to make informed decisions.

LW: Why do you think domestic violence is becoming more prevalent among our youth?
TN: I think many of them are growing up in homes where they witness abuse and end up repeating a pattern. I also think another factor is growing up in a single parent home where there is no example of a how a man should treat a woman or that example of what love is supposed to look and feel like is not present.

LW: What is the most important lesson in the book?
TN: I would have to say to know your worth and never settle for less than you deserve in this life.  Always be true to yourself.  Know that your past does not define your future.

Q: What’s next for Tracy Nicole?
A: I’m in the middle of completing my second novel.  It’s about finding peace after an unexpected loss.

To meet the author and learn more please join TRACY NICOLE Friday, May 21, 2010 from 5pm- 9pm at Millennium 2000 Art Gallery 1409 S Lamar Suite 245 Dallas, Texas 75215.  Call (214) 485-3854 for questions.


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