1 Hour Makeovers: Transformed Inside and Out

Tracy Nicole partners with Best Self Atlanta Magazine to bring out the beauty in others.

A true makeover happens from head to toe, from the inside out. We know in order to truly look beautiful, a woman must feel beautiful. And to feel beautiful, the way a woman is dressed also carries a great impact. Now, we already know Tracy Nicole Clothing and Simple by Tracy both focus on having pieces for women of all shapes and sizes for various occasions. And thats because here, we know how we look on the outside has a real effect towards how we feel on the inside.

Tracy Nicole had the amazing opportunity to partner with Best Self Atlanta Magazine to put on an event that was centered around helping ordinary women feel like what they were meant to be: extraordinary.

Through this event, the women enjoyed some tasty refreshments, and were all out pampered! They were treated to getting their hair styled, their makeup done, and were then sent over to our pop up closet to be styled from head to toe by the Tracy Nicole team, and let me tell you, we had a blast! It was truly breathtaking to see these transformations take place in real time, and you can see for yourself by clicking here! Pages 36-46 of the digital magazine are dedicated to the results of this event. The article features full body shots of the before and after photos as well. Trust us, you’ll be in awe!

In the photos, you’ll be able to see some of our newest and most popular items, including the Kristian top and Eboni shorts, the Lisa top and Camille skirt, the Gail jumpsuit, the Elle top, the Dina pant, and the Milan dress! All available for 50% off now if you use the code “gift50” at checkout! So, when you finish reading this article, hop on over to the digital magazine, then give yourself a chance to do some shopping *winks*, you won’t regret it!!

Tracy Nicole and the brands that follow love having an opportunity to serve the community, especially when it involves uplifting and empowering women. There’s just something about raising up our fellow ladies that gives us all the feels! So, although events like these may require more effort than usual, the smiles on the women’s faces make it all worthwhile.❤️

Click here to check out the magazine!

Written by Lindsey Winbush on March 27, 2020